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Trading_Well_When_The_News_Hits_body_Picture_4How to Trade Forex after a Major News Release

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1-minute-forex-news-trading-system1 Minute Forex News Trading Strategy

Trading_Well_When_The_News_Hits_body_Picture_2How to Trade Forex after a Major News Release

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How to trade forex News

Stocks in Australia Look To Jackson Hole To Decide Near-Term Path

Financial markets, economics, journalism and fundamental analysis. I’d like to receive information from DailyFX and IG about ...

FOREX-Dollar nudged off 3-wk peak as U.S. yields dip before Jackson Hole meet

Takuya Kanda, general manager at Gaitame Research Institute, believes U.S. President Donald Trump's "strong desire for deep rate cuts" may raise hopes among some traders of strong easing signals ...

FOREX-Dollar falls vs yen, Swiss franc as U.S. yields slide again

That mood in the market did not last, with a bit of risk aversion creeping in on Tuesday. That said, market sentiment was not as distressing as that of last week, when the U.S. bond yield curve ...

Summer calm: some traders back away from 'extreme' sterling shorts

and traders are offloading some of those shorts. "We've been short sterling/Japanese yen for three months and we are ...

FOREX-Dollar slips as U.S. yields slide again

"Market expectations for Jackson Hole and the central banking community in aggregate are extremely dovish," said Brad Bechtel, managing director at Jefferies in New York. "The U.S. market is ...

Forex Daily Recap – AUD/USD Remained Range-Bound Despite RBA Minutes

Meantime, the market awaits for a 0.75% rate by year-end, followed by a 0.5% rate in February. The minutes showed, “it was ...

Forex-Yen, Swiss franc fall on hopes of global stimulus measures

China also unveiled interest rate reforms expected to lower corporate borrowing costs, which helped lift the market's mood, while the prospect of Germany's coalition government ditching its balanced ...

4 Hang Seng Index Shares Set to be Hurt by the RMB’s Depreciation

Something happened recently in the forex markets that many didn't think would happen ever ... China's government allowed its currency to depreciate due to the trade tensions with the US and the new ...

A Quick Overview of CFD Trading and What It Involves

The financial market has many instruments that traders can take advantage of to make money. The most common markets include ...

FOREX-Euro near two-week low vs dollar as Treasury yields rebound

Market focus is likely to shift now to the annual symposium ... towards and even below the psychological 1.1000 level today,” said Chris Turner, head of forex strategy at ING. Declines are unlikely to ...

how to trade forex news

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